Plasma Art

Our CNC plasma table uses the process of air and electricity to cut material up to 1” thick. Equipped with a 4’x8’ water table and upgraded torch height-controlled torch we can handle materials such as steel, aluminum, stainless, brass, copper and even corrugated tin. With over 5 years of experience our designer can help transform your idea into a piece of metal art. From the design stage to a finished powder coated product we keep all customers updated and informed. With over 4,000 fonts and thousands of templates we can offer just about anything you want, while specializing in custom designs. From gifts, to gate inserts, and memorial pieces honoring a loved one we here at T.J. Welding & Fabrication take the time to make sure we exceed our customers expectations. Check out some of the work we have done over the years and call us today for all your metal needs.

Pricing can be broken down into a few categories:

  1. Material: steel, stainless, aluminum, etc. (steel is the cheapest)
  2. Material thickness: 20ga-1” thick (14ga is what we normally use for signs which is roughly 1/16” thick)
  3. Cutouts/pierces: we charge $2.25 per cutout. Cutouts include letters, numbers, and open spaces inside the design/sign
  4. Sanding/drilling: $10-$25 fee which includes sanding both front and back along with drilling any holes needed for easy hanging.
  5. Powder coating: price does vary depending on size and color. Black is the cheapest and on average runs $50-$75. Specialty colors start at $150.


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